You always hate to see someone go, you always think to yourself "That guy will be around forever!" and then you grow up and realize that people retire. But retirement is a reason to celebrate, when someone makes the final decision to go in a direction that differs from work you should be happy for them. Sad for you but happy for them.


This month we are hosting a Paul Goble - Final Exhibition and Artist Reception. On October 9th, from 5-7pm, Prairie Edge will be hosting a final artist reception for this well known author and illustrator.


Paul has spent his life learning and sharing Native American stories in his children's books which have impacted audiences worldwide since his first book was published over four and a half decades ago.


In one final exhibition, Prairie Edge would like to celebrate his extraordinary talent and immense contribution by displaying his remaining, available original paintings which will be offered for sale through the duration of the show.

Of course, we always have Paul Goble books available in our book and music store and if you are coming to the reception you can view the book selection as well as the illustrated art, what a fascinating career, most worthy of a celebration.

During this time we are also celebrating our local He Sapa Wacipi (Black Hills Pow Wow). This year marks number 29 and we are expecting lots of friends and family. The Sioux Trading Post will be ready with all your craft supply needs, and a good visit to catch up on the latest news from Indian country so Waci Waci everybody and come dance with us!

Another important event during the Pow Wow is the 8th Annual Lakota*Dakota*Nakota Language Summit and First Nations Education Convention. Their slogan is "Putting our minds together to see what life we can make for our children."  Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post have been active supporters of this event which will be held from October 8th - 10th at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD. Our book and music store carries titles from the language consortium, feel free to contact us if you are looking for special cd's or books on language.

These two cultural events help to preserve and educate the public on the culture of the local Native American Indian population.

And finally, Halloween! I know we are supposed to be grown ups but I've always thought of Halloween as the most awesome kick-off for the holiday season. Who doesn't love scary stories, scary costumes and candy treats, old and young alike can enjoy this festive holiday. Here at the store we take this holiday very seriously, we have a bake off, costume contest and pumpkin carving, the prizes are totally worth the effort! So watch our Facebook page for the best-of-the-best images and watch out for Bloody Mary, Axe Murder Hollow and the face in the window at night!

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