Here we are folks, another summer whipping by us. For those of you who live locally you waited like we did for the "dog days of summer" to show up and they finally did. Triple digit temps have warmed up the earth here and the lakes and streams are full of folks trying to cool off.

Besides the warmer temps we are also experiencing our summer tourist visitors and there are a lot of them which is great for business. Our artists are busy filling orders and the staff is on hand to answer any questions that come our way. So if you are coming for a visit feel free to bring your questions along with you.

We are also adding to the web-site, one new addition is by Jim Little Wounded. A beaded ram skull created with the softest shade of blue and a leaping ram image right on the center.

This ram led a good life and from the horns you can tell he never backed down from any foe.

Under our Historical Events page, we feature Sitting Bull, Little Crow and Abraham Lincoln. These three men each had a hand in shaping our joint futures. Their role's were important and we have books that help to shape the thought process of each man as they were faced with some of histories toughest choices. We can each pass judgement but given similar circumstances would we have done anything differently? Truly a question for the ages.

As a reminder that winter is coming, local Dakota artist JoAnne Bird created this beautiful original piece named "A Challenge." This lovely piece is a perfect study of light and dark with snow covered grounds and dark rumbly skies.


Well, that's it for now and we thank you for all the support and taking time out of your busy schedule to catch up with us.


The Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post staff.

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