Ah spring, it has arrived and we are quickly turning from winter brown to spring green. The birds have been singing wildly and are catching those new bugs that start to fly around this time of year.


We are always excited for the new products coming in from artists and from our buyers who have traveled to shows and gathered some pretty nice stuff.

We recently acquired a beautiful shirt from O.J. Laier III. O.J. is not Native American and he has never tried to portray himself as anything other than a guy who totally admires the Northern Plains Native Americans and their culture. His factual re-creations are done with meticulous detail and a lot of research. He only does time period pieces.

Another great piece we just acquired is this buffalo fur with buffalo horn headdress. Created by Lakota artist Wayne M. Star Boy (Sicangu, Lakota) who hails from the Rosebud Sioux reservation of South Dakota. Wayne not only made this piece but also gave the full story of the Lakota warrior he was thinking of during the creation of this piece. 

Our April Historical Events section features books of significance full of  information that helped to shape the way things are today. If you've ever asked yourself "how did things end up this way for the indigenous people of North America?" this section will help to answer some of those questions. 

Nation to Nation: Treaties were one way for one nation to make agreements with the other, Suzan Shown Harjo explains some of the treaties created by the U.S. government and their results.

From Our Fine Art Gallery:

Mary B. Hunt was born and raised on a farm in northwestern Minnesota where she became interested in all manner of birds and wildlife. "My earliest recollection of producing drawings was at the age of five and from then on I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life creating art."

Mary studied art at St. Cloud State University and eventually decided to move west to Nebraska. "As I painted more and more I found my attention being drawn to the birds in the area. The Nebraska panhandle is one of the best birding areas in the nation since many of the eastern and western species overlap ranges."

Using acrylic gouache as her medium, Mary paints unique still-life images of birds intermingled with branches, beaded bags and moccasins, drums, antlers and many other interesting subjects.

From the Sioux Trading Post:

Michael and Nancy made it back from the Denver March Pow Wow which is the official event that kicks off Pow Wow season in our area. We do feature Pow Wow places and dates on our web-site and if you have one you would like us to add just e-mail us your details at info@prairieedge.com

We want to wish everyone safe travels and a really great spring, thank you for taking the time to visit with us.

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