The Summer Solstice is Here: Summer Begins!     
We celebrate the longest day of the year with thoughts of what's happening in our area right now.

We have rain and the whole area is green with the new growth, folks are out picking tinpsila, a staple food collected by the people of this continent for centuries.  Also known as Prairie Turnips, our tinpsila is dug by hand in the spring on the South Dakota prairies. Braided and sun dried, these little roots are delicious in soups and stews or as a striking decoration.

We hear good news on the sage we gather locally, it is growing nice and tall and will be ready soon for collecting. This dried herb is closely associated with tribal beliefs and traditions. It is the most popular Native American botanical across North America.

Pipe Stone
 We've added more pipestone as well. This soft red stone has provided a medium for carving pipe bowls for centuries.  This stone is quarried in the ancient mine at Pipestone, Minnesota. Beautifully soft and workable, this particular batch is noticeably thicker than the average pieces sold on the market.
Beaded Pipe Bag w. Quilled Tamper Case
Beaded Pipe Bag w. Quilled Tamper Case

From The Native American Gallery: Pipe Bags              


We just acquired a pipebag by Wantawa Win Red Bear and it is exceptional.  Her beadwork style is reminiscent of the beadwork you would see in the old days, tight and neatly done, she covers her stitching with the expertise of someone who has beaded for years.  She has also included a quilled tamper holder, the quills are dyed with natural earth dyes and the holder is gorgeous as well as being functional.

Quilled Pipe Tamper
Jim Little Wounded, a premiere artist at Prairie Edge, created some of the most amazing pipe tampers... these handy items help to keep pipe bowls clean.  Pipe bowls are carved from pipestone and this really soft stone can break easily so it is much better to use a tamper to clean your bowl rather than hitting your bowl against a hard surface to knock out ash.
Another aspect of our region is the annual participation in ceremonies.  We look forward to family and friends who come every year to pay homage to their spiritual beliefs, these traditions have been taught by elders for centuries and are still practiced with the same ideology that their ancestors believed in.

Some folks make their own items or are lucky enough to have relatives or friends who can construct items for them.  Here at Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post we do provide some of those much needed items to help with preparations.
Lakota Ceremonial Songs
Lakota Ceremonial Songs

From the Bookstore:            


We also carry an assortment of music fit to accompany you at ceremony.  One of the most popular is by John Around Him - Lakota CeremonialSongs. This book and cd set has an introduction by Albert White Hat, Sr., a Lakota pronunciation guide, an introduction by John Around Him and songs that help to commune with the spirits.

This is just one example, if you have questions please feel free to speak with the staff here at the Book and Music Store.

Rhinestone Banding
Rhinestone Banding 20% Off!

 Our 20% off sale item this month in the Sioux Trading Post is Rhinestone Banding.  Beautiful when used on traditional outfits or more contemporary dress, a single strand of Crystal Iris Rhinestone Banding adds a delicate sparkle to the edges of an outfit; when massed, it transforms into "Vegas" glitter. 

The sale price is already calculated so no one has to do the math!

Prairie Edge Trunk Show!

We are excited about our "Trunk Show" featuring Butterfly Wing jewelry.  Made from real butterflies after their 20 day life cycle, they are stunning and beautifully colored like only nature can produce.  The show is June 28th from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm.  There will also be a reception with food and drink from 4pm to 7pm, stop by if you happen to be in town.

Today, summer begins.  Thank you very much for taking the time to catch up with us and talk soon!

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