Whoa! Where Did the Summer Go?

August 2012

August Already?

Prairie Edge Trading Co & GalleriesIt seems our summer just started...but looking at the calendar, it's surprising to see August will soon be coming to a close! It's been a busy season full of old friends, new acquaintances that have come to visit from near and far, and lots of exciting happenings in our local area with our new Main Street Square neighbors.

As the summer season can also be a good time for many artists to take a much needed break and visit friends and family, the month of August begins to welcome new artwork from many of the local artists we represent.

Lone Warrior by Marty CunyIntroducing Artist Marty Cuny
Making dolls and traditional styled craftwork over the past 45 years, artist Marty Cuny, an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, considers his artwork contemporary with traditional foundations. His inspiration in creating his artwork is drawn from dreams, a desire to incorporate what had occurred in history, and the knowledge that he now can share with the people who have come to appreciate the culture and history of the Lakota people.

New Work in the Native Gallery

Native American skull crackers & war clubsNative style axes & tomahawksNative style knife sheaths




Fine Art Gallery Features

artwork by Art Red Horseledger drawings by Donald Montileauxpaintings by Mary Huntpaintings by JoAnn Bird





Battle of the Little Bighorn booksThe Battle of the Little Bighorn Books
The entire Little Bighorn Battle story continues to evolve even 136 years after the event. So much more has been written from the Native American perspective now than what there was published in previous years. Although the Battle is represented as one of the greatest victories against the US Army, it also went a long way in ultimately sealing the fate of the free Indian.

feathers for craft workBack to School
These last few weeks of the month, we transition to back to school mode and help teachers get ready for the new year - ordering books, picking out craft supplies, and looking for ways to enhance the learning process with How To videos and Audiobooks.

We also offer school discounts for purchase orders (we do need additional info, so please call or contact us - we're excited to help).

glass beadsBead & Bookmobile
Give us a call and set a date - throughout the school year, we also do Book Fairs and Special Events with our Bead & Bookmobile! We'll bring books, music DVDs, beads, craft supplies, and botanicals (or anything else you may want to feature from our store).


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