The Bountiful Month of July

July 2012

Harvesting Sage Wasutun Wi
July is one of our favorite months! Known as Wasutun Wi (meaning "When things ripen" in Lakota), this month celebrates our annual sage harvest. We always look forward to this time of year when we welcome in a new, beautiful crop and give our gatherers (and Mother Nature) a great round of applause for their hard work.

During this month, we also continue to enjoy the beauty and spirit of the Pow Wow Trail, appreciate the quiet beauty of the ceremonial season, admire the exciting new artwork by our local artists and friends pouring into the gallery...and gear up for the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August and the throng of friends this legendary gathering brings.

Featured Work: Painted Elk Hides

"Buffalo Hunters" painted elk hide by James Little Wounded Honoring the Buffalo Nation, this month artist James Little Wounded graced us with an exquisite painted elk robe and a wonderfully painted elk robe. With their beautiful imagery and colorful details, they portray the importance of the buffalo to the People.  


"Buffalo Hunters" represents their relationship to the Buffalo Nation. The hunters are shown engaging the herd with bows and lances and their horses are painted with"Buffalo Medicine" painted elk hide by James Little Woundedmedicine to help them in the hunt. The bottom of the  hide also shows two spirit buffalo faces in the corners watching over the hunt.

"Buffalo Medicine" tells the story of a war party. The warriors are dressed in their finest regalia, armed with their best weapons and painted their horses in preparation for their impending attack upon the enemy. They go into battle with confidence because they have prayed to the Buffalo Nation for the strength and courage to give them a victory.

New Work in the Native Gallery

Leather purse with beaded eagle image by Kyle Fast Horse
Beaded Bags
Beaded Axes &  Tomahawks
Beaded Axes

Preparing dried sage bundles Spotlight on Sage              

Sage is not only revered for its beautiful leafy stems and woodsy aroma, but it is also considered a sacred herb because it is so closely associated with many tribal beliefs and traditions...and since this dried herb has such importance in the Native culture, we feel it is important to show a few of the people and share some of the techniques involved in the harvesting and preparation of our sage.  


Pow Wow Supplies, Music & Dance       

The summer is filled with excitement and good feeling as families and friends meet along the Pow Wow Trail. These spectacular events enliven the culture, give new energy to stories of the past through song, drum, and dance, and inspire a special closeness between generations as young performers look to their elders for guidance.


Ribbon Shirts
Ribbon Shirts
Unique Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies
pow wow music & dance
Music & Dance
pow wow drum groups
Drum Groups
how to craft books
How To Books
Natural Scents
Natural Scents



Brule concert in Rapid City

Brule' Concert in Rapid City!  

One of the top-selling Native American recording artists (and good friends of ours), the contemporary sounds and awesome sights of Native American music group Brule'will be making an appearance at our very own Main Street Square! The event is free and open to the public.


The concertis slated for Saturday, August 11 at 7:00 pm and will celebrate Outlaw Ranch, a youth and family camp near Custer, SD.


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