Welcome Summer!

July, 2011


The summer season is marked not only by the warmer weather that welcomes friends and families to reconnect and socialize or enjoy the excitement of a Pow Wow, summer is also the height of the ceremonial season and a time for the sacred Sun Dance.

From the desk of our General Manager, Dan Tribby:

Although we have had a beautiful summer, many of our friends here across the Northern Plains have been terribly affected by the recent floods and it is a sure bet many of the Sun Dancers will be dancing and suffering, hoping that their efforts will help all of the folks who have suffered so much this Spring and Summer (the Sun Dance is the time to make an offering of one's self for the good of the people...and it could not be more timely with everything that is going on this year).

As many gather for both ceremony and social reasons this season, it is safe to think that all of those in the flooded regions will be remembered and good thoughts will be sent their way.

dress with tipi & turtle design

Featured Art: The Native Dress

Just in time for summer gatherings, our collection of Native dresses has grown! Similar to today, social gatherings in the Native camps were a time to dress up and look one's best.

These beautiful dresses expressed a family's love for the recipient, revived family and tribal traditions, and often featured rare items such as abalone shells and elk teeth, or elaborate beadwork.

dried sage

Featured Botanicals: Herbs & Natural Scents

Used for smudging and prayer, as well as appreciated for their earthy aromas, many dried herbs (like sage, sweetgrass, and flat cedar) and natural scents (patchouli oil, sweetgrass oil, and sweet leaf) are especially important at this time of year...


Featured Food: Tinpsila Returns

Welcome back tinpsila! Freshly harvested in the spring and dried for their summer debut, Prairie Turnips (as they are also known) are delicious in soups or stews...but also make a beautiful decoration.


imitation eagle body feathers

Featured Craft Supplies: Pow Wow

Whether wearing your regalia for the first time this season and could use accessories like a new scarf or face paint, would like to further embellish your outfit with beads, feathers, shells, or fringe, or are wildly trying to repair a cherished garment...we may be able to help.


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