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June 2012

sale on rhinestone banding

Craft Sale: 20% off Rhinestone Banding

Beautiful when used on traditional outfits or more contemporary dress, a single strand of Crystal Iris Rhinestone Banding adds a delicate sparkle to the edges of an outfit; when massed, it transforms into "Vegas" glitter.

* Sale ends June 30, 2012.


Wicokannanj Wi
In Lakota, this time of the year is known as Wicokannanj Wi, which means "When the Sun Stands in the Middle". These long, sun-filled days are often mixed with some of the most impressive storms of the year, turning our Midwestern landscape into an amazing kaleidoscope of color and awesome sights.

Battle of Little Big Horn Buffalo Robe by Michael McLeodRemembering the Battle of Little Big Horn
This month also marks the anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

To many Lakota, this legendary battle between the US 7th Cavalry led by Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, and warriors from the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes, is remembered as the Battle of Greasy Grass.

Little People war club by James Little Wounded

Featured Work: "Little People" War Club

Artist James Little Wounded honors the mysterious "Little People" with this intricately carved war club.

Warriors carrying weapons imbued with the power of the Little People were believed to possess the ability to be quick in battle and scare one's enemy.

Bow Covers & Arrow Quiver sets

New Work in the Native Gallery: Bows & Arrows
For the Plains Indian, the bow and arrow were indispensable possessions. It is said many proud fathers gifted their young sons with miniature versions of these weapons...and these little men, armed with their small bows and blunted arrows, grew up with this weapon, perfecting their use until shooting with them became an instinctive part of their nature.

A mature Native Warrior was renowned for his use of the weapon during battle or while hunting- eyewitness accounts tell of the warrior's ability to launch arrows with such force, they could mortally wound a man 20 yards away or while hunting, he could shoot an arrow completely through a buffalo.

Indian Warriors & Great ChieftainsStories to Honor Warriors & Veterans

From stories of past warriors to chronicles of warriors of our modern times, many books in our collection speak of the trials of becoming a warrior and the important roll these men played in the day-to-day lives of the Plains Indians.

Out of print book, Hanta Yo

Out of Print Books

Voices of past generations come alive through the pages of rare, no longer published books. Our collection of out-of-print books relates eye witness accounts of historic events that shaped our nation, they speak of the truth of their times...and for some bibliophiles, these nostalgic books remind them of their childhood and their intimate experience with a special book.

Offering bowls, offering cloth, sage, and sweetgrass for special offerings

For Special Offerings & Gifts

Offering bowls and small sacred ties made of offering cloth and filled with sacred herbs are sometimes used or made during ceremony for a very special purpose - to pray for someone who is ill or remember someone who has passed into the spirit world.

dried sage bundles

Dried Prairie Sage

Mother Nature has been good to us this year and our new sage harvest has already begun!...the 2-pound limit for our bundles of dried sage has been removed.

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