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June 07, 2010


The annual Native American ceremonial cycle is stirring into life on the Northern and Central Plains with the return of the Thunders and the awakening promise of spring. American Indian people (and those non-natives who follow the Red Road) who are ritually engaged and traditionally involved in the culture are readying themselves for Hanbleciye (the Lakota word for "vision quest") and for the ensuing Sundance's that are held in Indian Country. The redemptive quality of the season calls for newness, and the vision seekers need new star quilts or Pendleton blankets in which to wrap themselves, as well as new wooden offering bowls for the sacred spirit food. The vision seekers and the Sundancer's lie on fresh sage and smudge with last year's dried sage and sweetgrass. This will continue through all the full moons of summer.

Many Sundances are concluded with big "giveaways" as a way of giving thanks and showing honor and respect to certain individuals. It's all about GIVING. Here again, some of the favorite gifts to bestow are the brightly colored, highly prized Pendleton blankets and the traditional Native American star quilts. In a touching display of esteem, the honoree is called up and wrapped in the gifted Pendleton or star quilt, literally and symbolically enveloped by good will and appreciation in the American Indian way. It's a beautiful custom.

So, the cycle begins with the sacred smudgings of sage and sweetgrass, as we begin to celebrate another year of the renewal of Mother Earth.

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