Welcome Spring: Thunder Beings & Ceremony

April, 2011

domed conchos

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Welcome Spring!

April showers bring May flowers...at least that's what they say! This is the time of the year when we are teased by the longer days filled with warmth and sunshine...a hint of green cast across the neighborhoods.


It is known as the time of re-birth. Mother nature warms up and fills our senses - the robins sing with the sunrise every morning, we are filled with the sweet smell of the soil warming up, and we are content knowing that those late April snowflakes will heed to the rain and the birds, bees and trees will all be better because of it!

thunderbird buffalo skull

Return of the Thunder Beings
Every spring, the presence of thunder, lightning, and hail announces the return of the Thunder Beings (Wakinyan). It is believed their return can bring an extraordinary celebration of life as well as turbulent, destructive storms.

It is this ability to destroy or create that makes the Thunderbird (one of the physical forms of the Thunder Beings) such a powerful symbol in Native American art.

flat cedar

Featured Herb: Flat Cedar
According to ancient Lakota stories, it is said that the Thunder Beings are very fond of the smell of cedar and will never strike a cedar tree with its lightning. Flat Cedar is often used in prayer ceremonies to cleanse and purify, as well as thank the Thunder Beings for the precious rains.


Music: Ceremonial Prayer & Pipe Songs
Always treated with respect and honor, Native American ceremonial songs are sacred gifts from tribal ancestors. They have the ability to teach spiritual lessons and share beliefs with future generations. It is believed these songs have the power to lead the listener to a place of peace and understanding, as well as bring strength and comfort.

us seal pipe and pipebag set

Pipes & Pipe Bags
Lakota ceremonies are marked with the presence of the sacred pipe. As it has great spiritual power, pipes are believed to provide a connection to the Great Spirit during times of prayer and meditation.

The sacred pipe is always treated with extreme reverence and is carried in a carefully adorned, specially designed bag.

war shirts

War Shirts
War shirts are powerful, sacred garments imbued with deep cultural meaning and embody the fearless Native American warriors who once wore them. The right to wear a shirt of this caliber could only be earned through acts of extreme bravery in combat.

Heavily embellished war shirts were never worn during combat...instead, they were only worn during ceremony to honor a warrior's tribe and recount his battle exploits.

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