March 2013: Welcome Spring!       
"Magaglihunnipi Wi" or "When Geese Return"


Hi everyone, out here on the Great Plains. The Wakiyan or Thunder Beings have been speaking to us with thunder and lightning which brings the much needed rain and snow for the spring growth.  This time of year, for the Lakota, is known as "Magaglihunnipi Wi" or "When Geese Return".  


To celebrate the Spring Equinox, Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post have some new offerings for the new season.
Dakota Tonalism Series
Prairie Edge Fine Art Gallery: Premiere Landscape artist D. George Prisbe-Przybysz


Beginning this month in the Prairie Edge Fine Art Gallery, we are featuring the art of local premiere landscape artist D. George Prisbe-Przybysz  in his "Dakota Tonalism Series: featuring scenes from sixteen South Dakota counties."



As a native of South Dakota,  Mr. Prisbe-Przybysz graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota and attended Ohio University in Athens for graduate level work .  As stated in his biography, Mr. Prisbe "draws his inspiration exclusively from the South Dakota landscape.His new work can be seen at the Prairie Edge Fine Art Gallery March 22nd through April 21, 2013. 
Dragonflies & Butterflies Cradlebaord


From the Native American Gallery: Cradle boards are creations of love!          

Cradle boards are the most beautiful representations of love.  A child entered into this world and lived in an environment of warm soft down, tied snuggly into their cradle.  Every bead or quill used for the decoration was a symbol of the undying love and devotion the parents had for their child, and family members added accouterments to show the special place this child held for them as well.

Kevin Fast Horse of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe is a master at creating cradle boards.  This award winning artist believes in detail and has a style all his own.  Each cradle board is a one of a kind creation using thousands of hand cut glass Italian beads.  The solid wood back boards also feature detail work using carving, brass tacks or both.

A recent addition to our cradle board offerings is by local Lakota artist Brenda Dubray who hails from Kyle, South Dakota and comes from a family steeped in rich bead work culture. She has a solid base of instruction that was taught to her at a young age but her vast experience with life has evolved an inventive style all her own.

The Prairie Edge Book and Music Store:  

38 Nooses 
38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow and the Beginning of the Frontier's End

From our bookstore, the new book  "38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier's End."  Author Scott W. Berg chronicles the uprising of the Dakota Sioux people of Minnesota in 1862 and their subsequent punishment by the federal government.

In August 1862, after decades of broken treaties, increasing hardships and relentless encroachment on their lands, a group of Dakota warriors convened a council at the teepee of their leader, Little Crow.  Knowing the strength and resilience of the young American nation, Little Crow counseled caution, but anger won the day.  Forced to either lead his warriors in a war he knew they could not win or leave them to their fates, he declared "[Little Crow] is not a coward: he will die with you." 
Czech Beads 20% Off

March Madness at the Sioux Trading Post!           


This month's special in Sioux Trading Post is 20% off hanks of Czech beads. The discount has already been worked out so as you place orders on the web-site, the discount is already calculated.  Kilos and 1/2 kilos are already discounted.

Czech glass beads are a preferred medium for most of our bead artists.  The sizes are more consistent and most colors are available. Dye lots vary so we recommend when working on a large project you order enough quantity to see your project to completion.

Glass has been around for the millenia and can be found at some of the most ancient burial sites.  There are some who believe the Egyptians invented glass but more recent digs in China have revealed that glass was used before the Egyptians existed.  This versatile medium can be used for dishes, lamps, windows, jewelry making, etc... the list is almost endless!


Thank you everyone for your time and continued interest, be safe and talk soon!
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