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March, 2011


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The Season of Pow Wow Begins

Pow Wow season is a time when people gathered together to visit with family, compete, sing, dance, renew old friendships, make new connections, and touch the past.

The competition is friendly and everyone checks out the latest styles in the contemporary categories and scrutinizes the regalia of the traditional dancers, but no matter how big or small a Pow Wow is, it still has the same kind of excitement and brings a feeling of touching the past and communicating with the spirits of our dearly departed.

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Featured Herbs: Sage, Sweetgrass, Sweet Leaf & Fragrant Oils
Intimately intertwined in many tribal beliefs and ceremonies, the sacred herbs sage and sweetgrass are often found at Pow wow. Sweet Leaf is sometimes worn by pow wow dancers as a sachet. Patchouli or sweetgrass oils can be used on the body as a fragrant, natural perfume.


Music of the Pow Wow Trail
Teeming with energetic drum rhythms and syncopated lyrics, the soundtrack of the Pow Wow Trail is an exciting synthesis of old and new Native American music - some songs have been passed down from one generation to the next and are sung in the traditional mother language; others feature a more contemporary sound with inter tribal arrangements.


The importance of the Drum
Felt by many to be the heartbeat of the Oyate (the people), the Native American drum is much more than a tool for making music. For centuries, our ancestors have used drums to set the tone before battle, for social gatherings, to connect with the spirits of our dearly departed, and to call to the spirits for guidance and strength. Read More...



Pow Wow Regalia
The dances at Pow Wow are vibrant reflections of tribal history mixed with personal style. As dancers move to the rhythmic beat of the drum, they tell of their tribal affiliation and ancestry, reveal their personality, family heritage, and spiritual quests. Elements of this treasured dress are often gifted to the dancers by tribal elders or special people in the dancer's life. Read More...

Craft Supplies for Making, Enhancing & Repairing Regalia
The regalia worn during Pow Wow is a cherished garment - it is often made or commissioned by those special to them. If one is lucky, with some good repairs and yearly enhancements, the regalia may be with the dancer for many years.

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