Love Medicine & Romantic Traditions

February, 2011

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A time for romance...

From love potions and legends, to symbolism and music, many Native American traditions celebrate romance and the healing power of love. Many once believed (and some still do) that to be successful in love, one must achieve a perfect union of spiritual, physical and natural elements.

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Elk Dreamers
According to Lakota folklore, the Elk Dreamer (one who has visions of the elk) is revered for his ability to give the healing medicine of love.

This powerful healer was often consulted for his knowledge of passion and desire, influence as a matchmaker, and ability to settle disputes between couples. The Elk Men were also believed to have given the gift of the first Love Flute to help a love struck warrior profess his love to the girl he wooed.

Featured Herb: Sweet Leaf
Often used as scented sachets, the strong, musky aroma of Wah'pe was'temna (also known as Sweet Leaf or Wild Bergamot) is regarded as an aphrodisiac by many Plains Indians - it is believed to have seductive powers in attracting the opposite sex and was a favored herb among the Elk Men.

buffalo robe

Jewelry: Lakota Love Song Bracelet
Inspired by the tale of the first flute song, a secret melody a brave warrior once composed for a woman because he was too shy to tell her of his love, this bracelet embodies this romantic love story through its use of powerful symbolism, exquisite design, and ethereal composition.


Songs of Love: Flute Music
Originating as a very personal way to communicate feelings of love, young men once played the flute without accompaniment as they professed their love for a special girl. Today, the Native American flute is renowned for its haunting, sweet sound and is often heard in contemporary Native American, New Age, and world music recordings.


love flute

Romantic Works: Paul Goble
From the enchanting illustrations and romantic retelling of the first love flute, award winning author and artist, Paul Goble brings Native American myth and legend to life in vivid color and exquisite detail - his ancient narratives are renowned for their accurate depictions.


buffalo robe

Buffalo Robes: A lover's secret hideaway
Long ago, courting rituals within a tribal camp were very strict, and young lovers were rarely allowed to be they stood outside the tipi of the girl's family and captured a moment alone under the cover of the man's robe.



The Language of Love
No matter how it's pronounced, the one element that binds us all together...the need to hear (and say) "I Love You!"

Lakota : Techi hila
French: Je t´aime
Spanish: Te amo
German: Ich liebe Dich
Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya
Irish Gaelic: Tá grá agam ort
Greek: S´ayapo
Italian: Ti amo
Elvish (Lord of the Rings): Melin le

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