Winter Traditions

January, 2011

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Be social, it's wintertime!

We are in the thick of the cold here in the Black Hills...believe it or not, right now we are colder than Alaska!

So what should we be doing this chilly time of the year? Traditionally, these cold winter months were marked with socializing and gathering with close friends and family, creating a warm and inviting mix of storytelling, reflection, and craft making, combined with infectious music and sound.

Here are a few ideas from the past that still hold true today:

Red Willow Bark: use for smudging or smoking
An important herb in many Native American winter traditions, Red Willow Bark can be a spiritual offering when used as an incense or smudge, but it can also have a very social side when shared with close friends and family as a smoking mixture.

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Winter Counts
The winter months provided the Lakota the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and add it's essence to their buffalo robe yearly calendar...and since it was always done during the winter, this act was known as "counting by winters".

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Music: Round Dance
Characterized by energized English lyrics and the unmistakable sound of the hand drum, this more contemporary style music fills the room with fun, friendship, humor, and good feeling. The spontaneous, infectious rhythms draws couples to the dance floor during wintertime social gatherings and encourages everyone to enjoy.

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Books: Storytelling
Native American People have a rich oral tradition, so it only makes sense that storytelling is an fundamental part of the winter time gatherings. During the long winter months as people gather around friends and family, traditional stories about life's lessons teaming with rich history and folklore are past down from generation to generation.

Suggested audio books

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BeadworkBead & Quillwork
Winter is also a time of intense craft making. This is when people typically create gifts for spring giveaways and construct elaborate regalia for upcoming powwows - The intricate beadwork and detailed quillwork designs reflect each craftsperson's love of the craft, their family, and their culture.

Here's to a wonderful year!

We hope your holiday season was blessed with family and a great many happy memories. We wish you an amazing 2011!

- Best wishes from the staff at Prairie Edge & the Sioux Trading Post

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