Buffalo Parts

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  1. Buffalo Bladder

    Buffalo Bladder: Small (approximately 7 x 5 inch)


    These bladders are cleaned, dried and blown up like little balloons to ready them for use. Learn More
  2. Buffalo Horn Cap

    Buffalo Horn Caps


    Genuine American Bison or Buffalo horn caps. Learn More
  3. Commercially tanned Buffalo Hide

    Plain Buffalo Robe (premium)


    These are winter robes with tails and holes are patched or sewn. Learn More
  4. Buffalo Skull w. Horn Covers: Plain Bull

    Plain Bull Buffalo Skull w. Horn Covers


    Cleaned and prepared by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman. Tatanka, the Great Buffalo, was the most powerful animal faced by hunters. Standing as a symbol of the Great Spirit's wisdom and generosity to the Plains Indian people, the buffalo provided food, clothing, tools, medicine and shelter.

    Learn More
  5. Buffalo Bull Tail

    Buffalo Bull Tail


    Semi tanned buffalo bull tails, they are ready to be worked into any art project or traditional regalia.
    Learn More
  6. Short Ribs

    Buffalo Bone Parts: Ribs or Shoulder Blades

    Starting at: $6.00

    For thousands of years, the Plains Indians lived well because of the buffalo. Tribes sometimes followed the herds to help facilitate meat gathering, hides for clothes and they even used bones. Learn More
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