The month of June is the kick off for summer fun, school's out and families are traveling to various destinations for many different reasons. This year marks the anniversary for National Parks and we are surrounded by several of them, if you are having a hard time deciding on destinations we can help!

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Tourist Guides: The month of June brings in the start of the summer tourist season for our good old South Dakota.  But, what people want to know is, "What are the good sites to go see here in the Black Hills?"  Well, Prairie Edge Book and Music Store can help you out with some ideas!

Number one on our list: Mount Rushmore – Black Hills & Badlands by T.D. Griffith.

This book is all around good book for South Dakota tourism.  It includes an overview of Mount Rushmore’s history and the 360 men and women it took to carve over a 14 year period.  In addition, it also has a variety of colorful photography to commemorate one of South Dakota’s most legendary landmarks.

Number two on our list: Guide to National Parks – Heartland Region by National Parks and Conservation Association.

The adventures in all of us, this book takes its readers on a tour of the region’s national parks.  It includes detailed facts and descriptions of notable park features as well as beautiful photography.  Not to mention, it even has listings and maps of all wilderness areas within the region managed by the National Park Service.  Some of the region’s National Parks include states such as: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and our very own South Dakota!

Number three on our list: Black Hills Family Fun Guide by Kindra Gordon.

Whether you’re new to the Black Hills or just looking for some fun, this book is for you!  It includes over 150 state attractions right here in South Dakota perfect families of all ages.  In addition, it also has some interesting facts about the many different places to go see such as: Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, The Journey Museum, Wind Cave, and the Mammoth Site to name a few!

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Little Bighorn Battlefield: We are also not that far away from the Little Bighorn Battle Field which is another area of interest worth visiting while in the area. Located near the Crow Agency in Montana there are several stops on the tour that explain what happened in the area you are viewing. We have many books available about the battle and the key figures involved in this historic event.

June 25, 1876: This moment in time would be the end for George Armstrong Custer and his men who followed into a battle they could not possibly win.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn - Ignoring warnings of a massed Sioux army of 2,000-4,000 men, Custer and 250 soldiers attack the forces of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Little Bighorn. George Armstrong Custer and 210 men under his command are killed. The news reaches the east for the Independence Day Centennial celebrations. In response, the federal government spent the next two years tracking down the Lakota, killing some and forcing most onto the reservation. On July 6, The New York Times referred to those American people as "red devils."

Even though this battle represented one of the greatest victories against the U.S. Army it also went along way in ultimately sealing the fate of the free Indian.

From the Native American Gallery:

Buffalo/Bison became our National Mammal 

The month of June kicks off a summer of travel for millions of people around America. School is out and families are traveling to different destinations around the country. If you’re looking for a destination, visit one of the many National Parks in our area.  It’s the 100th anniversary of the national park system so, 2016 is the year for celebrations. On May 9th 2016, the Buffalo was named the National Mammal of the United States. Also, the year 2016 is the Centennial celebration of the founding of the National Park system. Within those parks live many species of wildlife including the buffalo.  From Yellowstone National Park to Wind Cave National Park, buffalo roam these lands. Here at Prairie Edge, we carry premium buffalo robes and buffalo skulls. The thick but soft wool of the buffalo robes and the instantly recognizable outline of a buffalo skull are sure to make unique items in your home. 

From the Fine Art Gallery:

Brand New Art!

Cheryl Peterson-Halsey is a new artist to our gallery who lives in Springfield, SD. Cheryl makes leather cylinders using techniques of tooling and painting with India ink to create intricate designs. The image here shows each side of the 39 inch tall by 7 inch diameter, one-of-a-kind piece entitled, "Ethereal Ground." 

From the Sioux Trading Post:

Thíŋpsiŋla Itáȟča Wí (The month when the turnip seeds mature)

June is here and the Sioux Trading Post is well stocked and ready for the summer! Everything is blooming and ceremony season has arrived. We have many local products still coming in including braids of thíŋpsiŋla , known to many as a "prairie turnip," and soon our store will be filled with the aroma of sage harvested this year.

We also currently have a wide variety of blankets in stock in different sizes and an array of beautiful colors! These include saddle blankets and peyote blankets made of heavy weight yarn, the perfect material and size to use for a picnic outdoors. As well as, bedspreads and serapes made from a soft acrylic material, in vibrant colors. In addition, we now have high quality polar fleece blankets in stock and more on the way! These beautiful blankets are the perfect give-away item and at an affordable price!

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