Hot is a word that can be used to describe July and August on the Great Northern Plains but here in the gallery we are staying cool and offering a nice cool drink of water for our fellow 2 legged and four legged. And while your standing at the water cooler admiring all the beautiful Art of the Lakota and local or regional art we want you to know that we are excited that you made the long trip here. 

From the Fine Art Gallery:

Rapid City is humming with summer visitors to the Black Hills. Many have come on their bikes a few weeks ahead of the Rally, in order to take in the great beauty of the Black Hills, prairie and the Badlands.

Prairie Edge is gearing up for with many unique items especially for Bike Week. Just arrived in the Fine Arts gallery are some lovely coiled, pine needle baskets, made by Susan Gulbranson of Rapid City. Susan takes walks through the local forests of the Black Hills to gather her material. She then stitches them together in creative and unique designs that are truly "one of a kind"!

Stop in today to our Fine Art gallery to see Susan's lovely work, as well as of our artists, to see what they have created especially for bike lovers everywhere! 

From the Native American Gallery:

Decorated animal skulls have a unique place in American Indian art. Various artists here at Prairie Edge have created works of art filled with meaning and tradition. 

Native American artist Kevin Fast Horse of the Oglala Sioux Tribe has decorated an elk skull with a beadwork mask. This mask honors the elk since he was once a living being. Using the lane/lazy stitch beadwork technique, Kevin incorporates traditional Sioux Indian designs within a red background.

American Indian artist Mike McLeod of the Chippewa (Bad River Band) has hand painted this buffalo skull with an image of the Milky Way Galaxy using acrylic paints. In the Sioux Indian belief, the stars of the Milky Way are the campfires of all our ancestors who ever lived.

Sioux Indian artist Jim Little Wounded of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has decorated this ram skull with a beadwork mask. Using the lane/lazy stitch beadwork technique, Jim depicts this ram as he is getting ready to batter his rival, thus honoring his strength and courage. The broken horn is testimony to this ram’s tenacity in battle.

Feel free to check out our website and see all the animal skulls that we have and add that distinctive touch to your Native American art collection.

From the Book and Music Store:

August marks the Annual Sturgis Rally, Central State’s Fair, and the start of another school year. Here at Prairie Edge, it’s time for filling out numerous purchase orders for our awesome array of customers. Moreover, it’s also a time where schools and educators place their orders for the school year ahead.  We offer discounts to schools whether it’s ordering books, music, botanicals, or even craft supplies from our Sioux Trading Post.  

Also to help kick off the new school year, we at Prairie Edge have what we like to call the “Bookmobile” to schools across the region.  In other words we can come to your school with a full range of our products from books to beads to botanicals!  We can set up in you library or a certain place in your school and the teachers and staff can shop.  We do however ask that a thousand dollars, worth in purchase orders is required in order to visit a school.

As for Prairie Edge Book and Music Store, we have a variety of books on Native American History, culture, and craft making just in time for your school needs. We carry multiple textbooks on learning the Lakota Language, flash cards, posters, Lakota dictionaries, and other educational aids.

Here’s some of our school related picks!

Lakhotiya Woglaka Po! Speak Lakota: Level 1-5 Lakota Language Textbook by Lakota Language Consortium - These consecutive textbooks are designed to effectively create a basis for language proficiency using proven language-teaching methods. The textbook feature twenty-four lesson units, linguistic and pedagogic consistency, and incorporates all of the major local vocabulary variants. In additions, all of the textbooks have a detailed teacher’s guide, numerous lessons and games, as well as full contextualization of vocabulary through images. Moreover, there also companion CD’s for levels 1-4.

Dakota Texts by Ella Deloria - Ella Deloria, one of the first Native students of linguistics and ethnography in the United States, grew up on the Standing Rock Reservation on the northern Great Plains and was trained by Franz Boas at Columbia University.  This particular book features an array of Sioux mythology and folklore in its original language and in translation. Dakota Texts was originally published in 1932 by the American Ethnological Society where this work stands as a major contribution to the study of the Sioux Tribes.

New Lakota Dictionary 2nd Editionby Lakota Language Consortium - This 23,000 word second edition of the New Lakota Dictionary provides a reliable, accurate, and user friendly reference text and serves as a central component of the revitalization movement.  In addition, this dictionary is a great resource for not just beginning language students but advanced language students as well. Moreover, it’s a good resource to have to make a solid foundation in the Lakota and Dakota languages. Not to mention, this dictionary comes in a disc compatible with PC and MAC.

Lakota Language Book/CD: Common Conversational Phrases, Sacred Songs, & English: Lakota Dictionaryby Oceti Wakan - This small, yet profound book and CD set contains simple and common phrases in Lakota. These terms are used daily and are basic in the interactive involvement in speech. In addition, there is also a Pipe filling song, a Four Directions song, a Grandfather song, and a Thanksgiving song included.

Reading & Writing the Lakota Language by Albert White Hat Sr. - Based on extensive research and teaching on the Rosebud Reservation, this elementary grammar of Lakota, is the first written by a native Lakota speaker. It has a thorough inclusion of conjugation, syntax, and sentence while emphasizing vocabulary and pronunciation. Moreover, this book includes author Albert White Hat Sr.’s Lakota philosophy as it applies to specific grammar lessons. Not to mention, it also comes with a companion CD that goes along with the book. As a result, these examples offer new information and an authentic explanation of Lakota spirituality and society.

From Prairie Edge Trading:

For the Love of the Great Outdoors:Prairie Edge Trading is still celebrating the beautiful outdoors, and all the activities our area has to offer! We hear Rumbling in the Distance as the Black Hills prepares for the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! 

At Prairie Edge we are looking forward to seeing everyone from near and far! Along with these Licensed Harley Signs we have many fun things to complete your trip to the Black Hills! Visit us to cool down and see something new! As a special “Thank You” to everyone visiting Prairie Edge August 7th -13th we will have a bonus for those travelers that would like us to ship their purchases! We look forward to seeing you soon!  

From the Sioux Trading Post:

Sweetgrass - "wačháŋǧa" (Lakota), scientific name - Hierochloe Odorata 

Sweetgrass is often used for smudging and the sweet smell is said to please ALL of the spirits; we recommend burning sage after sweetgrass because of this. It is also used at a personal fragrance and incorporated into different oils and soaps.

Fragrant, fresh and beautiful is how how most people are describing our extra large sweetgrass braids. These braids are fresh from this year, with an average size of 3 feet long! These extraordinary braids are $20.00 each. Please give us a call if you are interested, because this supply is very limited. 

Currently, we have an array of sweetgrass products in the Sioux Trading Post. This includes our Native American Weaved: Sweet Grass Turtles, our regular sized sweetgrass braids and sweetgrass oil. In addition, we now have handcrafted sweetgrass soap, as well as, sweetgrass seeds in stock. Please give us a call at 1-800-456-3394 if you are interested in any of these products.

Take care family and friends, safe travels to all and see you soon!


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