Natural Scents

Natural scents are derived from plants grown locally or regionally. Some oils are mixtures of other scents.

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  1. Native Ceremonial Herb, Lavender



    Lavendula spp., or Common Lavender

    This EuroAsian herb has a long history of use in the Old World, and has naturalized into the New World as it was populated after initial contact. Learn More
  2. Native American Weaved: Sweet Grass Turtles

    Native American Weaved: Sweet Grass Turtle (each)


    Each sold separately.

    These little guys average around 2 1/2 inches.

    According to Native American tradition, the turtle was honored by Native American people because it represented good health and a long life; its shell symbolized protection.

    The turtle's special power and stature were conferred to the owner of objects displaying the turtle emblem. Learn More
  3. Native American Powwow Herb, Patchouli Oil

    Patchouli Oil


    Patchouli is very popular among powwow dancers who scent themselves as well as their regalia. Learn More
  4. Sage Oil

    Sage Oil


    Essential oils are derived by extraction from plants, trees or fruits. This is an essential oil derived from the sage plant. The odor is warm, camphoraceous and thujone-like (menthol-like). Learn More
  5. Dried Herb: Sweet Leaf

    Sweet Leaf


    The strong, musky aroma of this dried herb is regarded as an effective aphrodisiac by many Plains Indians. Learn More
  6. Native American Sweetgrass Oil

    Sweetgrass Oil


    After countless requests, we have located a source for sweetgrass oil! This is not an essential oil as there is absolutely no oil in sweetgrass to begin with, instead it is a combination of scents that create the final product.
    Learn More
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