Leaves Roots & Barks

Using medicinal leaves, roots, and barks, many Native Americans have created remedies that have become a tradition throughout daily living.

Inhaling smoke to medicate headaches, burning to purify air, or for an enjoyable smoking blend, this collection of dried herbs offers a variety of substances for earthly healing. Used through traditional smudging ceremonies, these botanicals are believed to have the power to cleanse, purify, and heal.

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  1. Black Root

    Black Root


    Black Root: Purple Coneflower
    genus: Echinacea Augustifolia

    Lakota: Icahpe Hu Nains Onglakacapi ("something used to knock something down" or "something to comb the hair with"). Learn More
  2. Native American Smudging Herb: Flat Cedar

    Flat Cedar


    Thuja occidentalis

    Flat Cedar (known as hante blaska in Lakota) is the preferred type of cedar to burn as a purifying incense. Learn More
  3. White Sage: Dried Sage Herb

    White Sage


    White sage, or Salvia apicana is gathered in California and has a much more penetrating odor than the sage that we sell that is gathered here in the Black Hills. Learn More
  4. Dried Herb: Sweet Leaf

    Sweet Leaf


    The strong, musky aroma of this dried herb is regarded as an effective aphrodisiac by many Plains Indians. Learn More
  5. Dried Herb: Bitterroot
  6. American Indian Dried Herb: Sassafras Bark

    Sassafras Bark


    American Indians relied upon this medicinal herb to cure numerous and varied illnesses and conditions. Learn More
  7. Native American Dried Herb: Compass Plant

    Compass Plant


    Known as Compass Plant because of the odd north-to-south growth habit of the leaves, this Native American herb has an enormous root full of a strongly scented gummy resin. Learn More
  8. Native American Herb: Osha Root

    Osha Root


    This important Native American herb is a wild-crafted plant, found at very high elevations west of the Black Hills.
    Learn More
  9. Dried Herb: Gumweed



    This is a resinous, fragrant Native American herb. This is gathered by local wildcrafter. Learn More
  10. Native American Dried Herb: Bearberry Leaf

    Bearberry Leaf


    Also know as kinnickinnick, this Native American herb's principal use is in the traditional ceremony of prayer with the sacred pipe. Learn More
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