American Indian Foods

Just as botanicals and herbs make up a significant part of Native American culture, American Indian foods directly coincide with daily life and ritual. Using tea plants, turnips, corn, and other foods enable one to make authentic Plains dishes - enjoy the tastes, textures, and aromas of Northern Plains tribal cuisine.

Grown and harvested throughout South Dakota and the Midwest, these Plains Indian foods are made available seasonally and year round depending on harvest times.

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  1. Native American Herb Tea, Chokecherry

    Chokecherry Tea


    Hand-prepared by our botanical expert and herbalist Geraldine Goes In Center, this is a wonderful-tasting tea.

    Learn More
  2. Dried Corn

    Dried Corn


    For generations, corn has been used for many traditional dishes all across Indian Country. Also known as Zea Mays and Wagmeza. Learn More
  3. Native American Herbal Tea, Field Mint Tea

    Field Mint Tea: Ceyaka (chay-ya-ka)


    Our own local artist, author, comedian Geri Goes In Center is now launching a line of natural Lakota food products. Learn More
  4. Native American Food: Wild Peppermint

    Wild Peppermint


    If you've ever had a stomach ache you may have tried peppermint tea as a way to soothe the tummy. This wild crafted peppermint plant has been gathered for it's medicinal purposes for thousands of years by local Native American tribes. Learn More
  5. Wild Rice

    Wild Rice


    100% Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice. All natural, Indian grown and Indian harvested from the Red Lake Band of the Chippewa. This 6 ounce bag of wild rice yields 4 servings and also comes with easy or basic cooking instructions. Learn More
  6. Wooden offering bowls

    Wooden Offering Bowls

    Starting at: $11.00

    These wooden bowls are often used for offerings during certain ceremonies; the larger ones are especially popular during the Hanbleciye ritual. Learn More
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