Hello everyone and thank you for your readership. This month we are preparing for another busy high season and our buyers have been really stocking us up with the new bling for the season.

Prairie Edge Trading: 

Something unique is what we are always looking for, this department never fails to find something for everyone and that little special item that sets us apart from the usual "tourist" stuff you see in our area. 

We'd like to introduce you to Amazing Re-Blooming Flower. With just a few drops of water your pendant flower will go from closed to open, after about an hour the petals will close again. The actual flower is pretty sturdy but please do not attempt to bend the petals as this will cause a pressure break on that petal, otherwise it can be worn everyday and opened whenever you want.

We also introduced a new jacket from Filson. Filson is a company that designs clothing for the hunter, hiker and outdoor enthusiasts. This high quality garment is durable as is all of the Filson line, it is a perfect quick jacket to put on or to wear for layering in extreme cold weather conditions. 

Sioux Trading Post:

Nancy and the girls have stocked some pretty exciting bling as well, they are now carrying regalia pins, butterflies or dragonflies. They are sparkly and pretty and are available in gold tones or silver tones. These are the perfect accessory for your Pow Wow regalia!

They've also added a nice selection of dressy shawls and blankets. Nancy and the crew stay in touch with their customer needs by providing contemporary and traditional products for all your crafting and Pow Wow needs.

Nancy and Frank will be traveling to Eagle Butte for a Book/Bead mobile trip on March 17th. They will be bringing books, calendars, sale CD's, botanicals, craft supplies and anything else they can get into the van. If you have a special need and would like us to bring something for you please feel free to call us toll free at 800-456-3394 and we will add it along with your name.

Book and Music Store:

Well the purge continues and Anita has reduced our CD selection, now there has been some speculation about this and let us clear up the rumors, we are still carrying music but we realize we cannot compete with MP3 which is the direction most performers are going, it is cheaper then pressing a CD and reaches a much larger audience. We still carry the best selection of Native American ceremonial music and lots of books. We've increased our selection of Out-of-Print books and are adding new books to our contemporary selections.

This newest book, "A Warrior of the People", is the story of the first female Native American doctor. She studied hard, made the sacrifices and became a doctor for her people. She was inspired to become a doctor when she witnessed a white doctor's refusal to treat a Native American patient, the patient died from the neglect but it galvanized a young person into becoming what her people needed the most, a qualified physician. Read more about her in the book by Joe Starita.

Fine Art:

The gallery always looks beautiful, so many talented people in our area and region makes it possible to always carry the finest work available. Fine Arts would like everyone to know that Del Iron Cloud will be joining us again this season. Del plans on starting sometime in May and then completing his season in October. He comes to visit us a couple times a month to bring in new work and to get the latest news from around Indian Country. So if you come to visit this summer you will get an opportunity to meet Del and have a really good visit with this all around great guy.

Native American Gallery:

This crew has been working hard to get their gallery ready for the season, Lynelle just wanted everyone to know that they are re-arranging, cleaning and displaying new items every week. She is very proud of all the hard work and hopes that you will be as well. 

Our Native American Gallery has always been focused on the lives of the Plains Indians before forced removal, we focus on the items that would have been used by the Plains Indians. One such item, a Coup Staff, would have been a cherished item, it was a symbol of your bravery and sent a message to your fellow warriors and your enemies. Native American artist Tim Lammers (Oglala | Lakota) creates a staff from an earlier time period, it's perfect.

Well that's it for now, as the days get longer the hope of spring gets closer, YAY! Safe travels everyone and thank you for your time.

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